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A Project by Fox MacLachlan with Contributors: Krysta Gonzales, Fox MacLachlan, Dee Dee Stephens, Lezlie Mitchell & Asheli Shyne. 

My name is Fox MacLachlan and I am an actress in Los Angeles. In June 2020, as the racial justice movement began to erupt, my agents asked me how they could be 'part of the solution'. People were listening... and I knew right away I had to create something that truly spoke to the experience of Black actresses throughout the entire Entertainment Industry; and "Five Black Actresses" was born. (PDF download below). 


This project is personal, real, it hurts my heart, and it gives me hope. THINGS MUST CHANGE… even in La La Land (the TV & Film Biz). So far the document has been shared with hundreds of people in the industry... Networks, Actors, Directors, Writers, Producers, Casting, Unions, Execs, Editors, Agents, Marketing, Make-up & Hair Stylists, Universities and Acting Schools, etc.  If you feel inspired, please pass it on. The USC Film School even shared it with their graduate students as a resource. Even those who feel they may not ‘need’ to read this, can always learn something or pass it onto someone that does need it. Even I learned so much when creating it.

And from my whole heart… THANK YOU to these phenomenal women for sharing your passion, truth, voices, energy and experiences with me: @lovelezlie @ashleishyne @krystaforreal and @ddstephensacts (their photos on page #8 of PDF). 


We are ready for change. 

One Love ~ Fox


If you have any issues downloading PDF, contact me directly.