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Buddha Bowl Delicoiusness

Updated: Apr 22, 2020

Hello my darlings!

As you may know, I am currently in the midst of a self-imposed, (LOL) Raw Food 30 Day Challenge (I've been sharing lots of my recipes, discoveries and day-to-day experiences on my Instagram Insta Stories). However, I made this bowl of healthy tasty deliciousness a few weeks ago so it is cooked and it is soooooo good :) Oh and the red pepper sauce. Can we talk about it? I eat vegan and I am ALWAYS looking to hit a home run when my meal has sauce. Sauce takes your basic veggies / salad to a next level situation. And it's truly not difficult to be vegan / vegetarian / rawista when you have tasty seasoned saucy yum yums. I wouldn't survive a raw food challenge if I wasn't making bomb dressings and what not. And eating raw cocoa lol. (Oh and check with your doctor before changing your diet, I'm supposed to say that since I'm not a doctor. Anything I write regarding my diet is my personal experience so please don't take me to court. :)

Anywho, I've had all kinds of fantasies on what else this sauce could be used on...burritos, tacos, sandwiches and pizza OH MY. So now I know how to make a savory sauce and it's seriously so easy. You just need a few simple ingredients (link below for recipe) and a blender (when you're ready to take the leap vitamix is divine & powerful and worth every pretty penny). This healthy bowl of love is crunchy, sweet and savory - all of the above, check, check, check. And it's vegan, plant-based AND gluten-free. Plus you can easily switch up the type of greens, grains, protein, raw or cooked veggies...tailor it to your taste buds so you're happy.

This recipe is here at Well and Full. And yes it's true, you will be Well and you will be Full. :) And if you want to get passionate about Buddha bowls Buzz Feed has 14 favorite recipes here.

Much Love & Wellness. Be good to you boo boos. Oh my t-shirt was designed by Yara Shahidi and will be available soon at Hstry.


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