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Can you get a Headwrap? Yes, ya can!

Updated: Feb 15, 2018


Happy Valentine's / Galentine's Day! YASSSSSS!!! We have our winner! And I will definitely be having more free give aways of things I love so subscribe to my email list and FoxTube Channel to be in the know. So I randomly (with a blind fold) choose one of you and "Princess" is our Fox Girl Magic WINNER! Please visit www.wrapisiko.com and choose any headwrap you fancy! Congrats love! And thank you all for being a part of my giveaway and subscribing! I hope to bring you much love & light & all the joy.


Ok so for this Frida Kahlo / Denim Dream vibe I've got going here's what's up. I love pairing denim with denim. It just works yeah? Especially with accents of a bright color like red, orange or any shade of pink. Pink is my love color. :)


I spotted this at the Silverlake Farmer's Market in L.A. and I was like "Oh you're definitely coming home with me." This adorable sexy top is actually a men's shirt that Taxi Cdc Recycled Wears made, they cut and designed it into a flirty off-the-shoulder top! Amazing right? It's available at Silverlake Bungalow. They've got more of these so call or stop by their shop. Taxi Cdc Recycled Wears on IG. Silverlake Bungalow on IG.

I do love the sunshine. It's everything to me.


The headwrap you know is from Wrap Isiko. What I love love love about her headwraps, well first off she's a dope bad azzzzz amamzing woman and collaborating with her was a dream. #WOMENSUPPORTINGWOMEN But as I was saying, her wraps are thicker than most and that allows you to get more umph in the fabric as you twist, fold and tie it up. It's easier to work with as you sculpt it. (Here's my tutorial on two headwrap styles if you have yet to see). And here is Wrap Isiko on Instagram.


I've got the big gold earrings from Forever 21, hoops would be dope with this too! But gold is a warm color and when you wear big gold earrings it seems to light up your face. Like a star. But you already know you are made of star light, right?


My bellbottom jeans are from Zara because bell bottoms will ALWAYS be in style in my opinion. I like how they hug my hips and blalance out my curves with the flare at the bottom. Let me wurk this look LAWD HELP ME! Lol.


Everyone keeps asking where I got these and the best part is they were under $20! And yes, I do see thru rose colored glasses. I got them at Squaresville on Vermont in Los Feliz, L.A. Check Nordstrom's Brass Plum for fun inexpensive sunglasses too.

Message me on IG for deets or questions! And tah tah for now sexy baes. I'll see you soon for more of my Afro Boho Style! And next week I'll be sharing a video on making delicious Buddha Bowls with red pepper sauce. Slurpity Slurp Slurp my friends.

Walk with confidence cause you already GOT IT.



*Photos by Lezlie.

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