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Crushin' Hard - Mediterranean Deliciousness (Veg & GF)

Updated: Apr 22, 2020

First thing: Honey-Garlic Vegan Butter Roasted Carrots. Second thing: Beet Cashew Hummus with Garlic Tahini Yogurt Swirl. What?! Is this reality? It is. And we're about to get lost in it. I found these two recipes on my Pinterest and I was like we must, WE MUST.

I have it bad for healthy food. It makes me feel alive, gorgeous and energetic from the inside-out. For me, beauty starts within us with wellness, which then leads to a boost in self-confidence. If you know me, you know I am always working on feeling good about myself, feeling centered and knowing who I am from my core. Eating well helps me with this journey of discovery. These dishes present beautifully with bright bold colors and big flavor (I admit I am a visually stimulated eater), and they are full of nutrition. So I was like 'let me Fox with these.' ;) You know I'm GF (gluten-free) and 'vegan mostly' (sometimes I have a little honey) so I'll be adding that spin to these dishes as much as possible.

But what will we dip into that dank azz Beet Cashew Hummus?

So glad you asked. Okay, let's brainstorm. Hmmmmm...can you say DOLMAS? Hellzzz yeah. But I have a limit on how many projects I can handle in the kitchen (this little sun child gets easily distracted, if you don't believe it watch the video). So let's outsource the dolmas. We'll get those babies from the market (I got mine from Whole Foods). Next, we can slice up some crispy and juicy Persian Cucumbers (Trader Joe's has these organic). And we def need something crunchy, right? I like Mary's Gone Crackers - Black Pepper (vegan, GF and you can pronounce all of the ingredients, I like that A LOT). And then last minute I roasted a red bell pepper. Red bell peppers are MY JAM. Can we talk about them? Full of divine nutrition for your body AND you can eat them just like a juicy red apple. Tasty AF. Pinky swear.

A few things...

For the Almond Za'atar portion of this feast I used roasted unsalted hazelnuts instead of almonds so feel free to swap out for your favorite nut. Almond Za'atar is a special Middle Eastern dream - it's like a luxuriant nutty savory full-of-spices topping that I never knew existed. Plus, it's insanely easy to make. And to decorate this fantastic feast, at the end I added edible flower petals, fresh dill and mint. Fresh herbs are so pretty and a little touch like this is hardly any effort but looks so next level. I nearly cried when my feast was complete. Lawd - my emotions! It was just too much. And as for the amount of honey called for in the original Honey-Garlic Butter Roasted recipe I used much less because carrots have a natural sweetness and I don't usually eat honey, so less was more in my case. But dip your pinky in the sauce and taste your honey garlic butter sauce before pouring over your carrots. Maybe you like it sweeter. Okay kisses boos. Bless up!

And who do we owe our love and affection to for these divine recipes?

A huge shout out to Snixy Kitchen for the Beet Cashew Hummus recipe and to The Kitchn for the Honey Roasted Carrot recipe. Your food game is on point.

Brussel Sprout Sexiness:

P to-tha S: On my Instagram stories I often do quickie little healthy recipes. The other day I took the Honey-Garlic Butter Roasted Carrots and replaced them with Brussel Sprouts. I know, super adult of me. So if you wanted that recipe just visit The Kitchn recipe and trade out the carrots for brussels, the unsalted butter for Miyoko's Vegan Butter and if you don't want to use honey go for agave or maple syrup.

Stay tuned for more sparkle!

If you likey, please pass along my blog to your friends & baes if they are into self-love, body love, healthy recipe ideas, and soulful artsy-creative-positive-vibration next level stuff (mouth full). We gon' have some fun! And I'll do some give-aways too. Cheers loves. Your body will adore you for feeding it this nutritious and delicious food. Follow me on the Gram and YouTube for updates.

Sparkles & Moon Dust,



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