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Lockdown Falafel Bowls!

Updated: Apr 7, 2020

Let’s get right into it. This week’s episode of “Let’s Feed Fox” is called “Lockdown Falafel Bowls!” because I, like many of you, have been on lockdown and have rediscovered my kitchen. Falafels are THE JAM. And stay tuned because the next time we get together we’ll be making chocolate popcorn. I know. I just fainted.

Wow. So yeah…what happened to the world since last time we were together? Things got super serious didn’t they? I’m in Los Angeles and our city in ON LOCK. I truly hope each and everyone of you is safe, sound and well out there. Being in the house most of the time definitely has me getting into this kitchen though. As usual, I’m trying to keep myself in a positive silly state to keep the stress at bay, and with food - I’m trying to boost the immunes. Ya feel me?

We’ve been quarantining for almost a month now and I noticed there is still mucho fresca produce at the grocery stores. Many other types of food are no where to be seen - the empty demolished shelves are tragic and make me feel lonely. Especially the chocolate bars. :( If the world is going down in flames, I need that cocoa. But with this meal we’re about to make - you’ll most likely be able to find all of the ingredients, even right now.

So as you know from the video (spoiler alert!)… I cheated and got a boxed falafel mix from Trader Joe’s. Tee hee hee. The good news is they are vegan and gluten free. But please… if you are a get - down - and - shake - it - loose - falafel - making - mamacita…do not let me stand in your way of making them from scratch.

So about these "Lockdown Falafel Bowls". I got this bountiful yum yum recipe from A Pinch of Yum. I didn’t add the jalapeños but I bet they would have spiced things up just perfectly. Oh and a little story for you - I thought the sauce ingredients at the end (tahini, lemon juice & honey) were the ingredients for an actual 'sauce recipe’. It turns out that she meant for each ingredient to be an individual possible sauce for the falafels lol. Oh Foxy! But what the heck - I mixed them ALL up in a bowl 'to taste' and it was dang delish. And I replaced the honey with maple syrup so it's still in the clear for you vegans. Overall the falafel sauce was a little soupy but throwing it in the fridge for a bit helped with that. Slurp slurp.

I hope you enjoy this loves. I found this recipe to be pretty simple and very filling. You’ll basically be roasting veggies, making the boxed falafels and whipping together the sauce. I bet the falafels could even go into pita bread, in a soup or eaten as a hearty side dish. They are zesty and packed with flavor. I added a little olive oil and lemon juice to my falafels before baking them because when you put them in the oven they tend to be a little dry. I haven’t tried frying them in oil, maybe that would be a better option? But I still loved them baked - so try both maybe? Oh and they need to be mixed with water and rolled into balls and set aside for an hour; so be sure to do that before you start roasting your veggies so everything is ready and on time for you. I would not want my precious prince & princess loves to be waiting on anything when you’re famished are ready to feast!

This “Lockdown Falafel Bowl” dish is absolutely colorful and beautiful. I bet you could even add other vibrantly colored roasted veggies and pack that ish with even more with hella nutrients. I’m thinking red bell pepper, zucchini, brussel sprouts, beets… my mouth - it waters.

Chocolate Popcorn is Next:

And I hope to goodness it turns out amazing. I think this one will be great for the kids, especially since they are most likely home with you. I bet they could even help in the kitchen if you’re cool with that. And then maybe a movie afterwards? Pleassseeeeeee mommy! #frozen

So if you likey my silly videos please share them and as always, let me know if you have any questions. The best place to connect with me is on my Instagram.

Oh and I am enterally grateful to my magnificently creative husband who did the art and motiondesign for my show intro! Did you notice? I’m so professional now lol. We going places boo! My dream is to have this show reach everyone, make them laugh and share vegan, vegetarian, paleo, gluten-free goodness (that includes desserts). Worldwide baby! :) (And yes - that's a legit new real apron I am wearing - I'm officially in this kitchen doin' the damn thang!).



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