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Give Away & Headwrap Tutorial!

Updated: Jan 31, 2018

* GIVE AWAY ALERT! * Keep reading to learn how to WIN A HEADWRAP!

Yes, I am giving away a brand new headwrap from Wrap Isiko. And yes, if you win, you can choose any one that you desire. I myself just got the BLAZIE. Oh heyyyyy now, betta watch out.

So I discovered how bomb headwraps are. DEAR LAWD I love them. Say you wake up, your hair's not havin' it. It's dry, it's sad, it's flat in the back and you don't have time to set those curls and get on point for the public. No worries honey bear. Can you say headwrap? Yassssss. And even if you hair is gorg, you can still throw on ONE of these bad boys and heads WILL TURN. Trust. So let's start your obsession, as I have...you'll need all the colors and fabrics for each of your outfits. The struggle is real.

I am new to headwrap heaven and I had to figure out how to wrap this thing around my poofy afro curls AND make it stay AND look good. After a few attempts I did succeed and I have to admit, I was walking around with a little bit more umph than the usual. ;) You WILL feel like a Queen. It's just like that. So many of you have asked me for a headwrap tutorial so here ya go! I'm showing two easy styles but there are infinite more to learn. Maybe that will be a Part 2. Enjoy, pass it on to your tribe and good luck in the give away!

Two Steps to Enter the Giveaway!

* (Must do both steps to enter :)

1. Subscribe to my YouTube Channel by clicking the red subscribe button at this link. Fox Girl Magic You Tube and...

2. Subscribe to my email list (scroll down to the very bottom of this page to enter in your email). You'll be signing up to be e-mailed when I do a new blog post, Give Away, tutorial, new recipe, or just want to send you some dem' positive love vibrations.


And that's it! I will announce the winner here on foxgirlmagic.com and on my Instagram on Valentine's Day so check back with me. Much love queens. With this kind of hair, we can DO ANYTHING. And we all have that good hair. Plus, we can wrap it too. Mkkkaayyyyyyy.

The vibey music my video is Aqua De Coco by Marcus Valle.

'Till the next episode,


*Photo below is Wrap Isiko!

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