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My morning addiction.

Updated: Jan 31, 2018

Every morning I do my morning ritual. I’ve been doing some version of it for the last decade. I’m addicted. It’s all about me. It has nothing to do with my phone, e-mails, social media, errands, Netflix, my job, my sexy husband or my very hard to resist naughty as all hell, puppies.

My morning ritual puts my soul on track for what my higher purpose is and what I want my day to be like. What I want from my life. Not way anyone else wants from me. I’m basically preparing myself so that when I do start my day “out in the world” I start it with a calm, strong, clear mind. I have to go into the world with intention, knowing who I am. Otherwise it’s way too easy for me to get lost in our overstimulating and chaotic world. 

My morning ritual consists of the below. And the key is to do what makes you feel good. Be flexible, if you feel like switching it up here and there do it…whatever makes you feel good and is downstream for you.

  • First things first, having a caffeinated treat of some sort is quite nice. Well I'm actually decaf and not by choice so I have a nettle tea with cinnamon, turmeric, fresh ginger and steamed cashew milk. Sprinkled with pumpkin pie spice. Genius, I know. Slurpity slurp slurp. Or try a Golden Milk Latte.

  • Burn incense and / or light a candle. I love scents, I begin to relax immediately, it’s ritualistic and you know it’s time to get down when your senses are turned on.

  • Music is a must. I put Pandora or Spotify on a meditation station to drown out outside noise and calm my brain. If you need to, use dem headphones boo thang.

  • I start right away by getting into the attitude of gratitude. Just say out loud a few things you are grateful for. If it’s difficult to reach for something, just say the fact that you are breathing. Just get your brain into a space where you feel whole and fulfilled, not lacking. Because you are breathing aren't you? You are alive? And that can be enough for now.

  • Now meditate for however long you want / are able to (even a few minutes…no pressure). And by meditation I mean closing your eyes, breathing deeply and letting your mind rest, if random thoughts come up (and they will), gently sweep them away. Our busy information-overloaded brains need a break. It helps to deeply breathe in, hold your breath for a few beats, then release with a nice deep exhale. Check my Instagram, sometimes I post examples.

  • Read a few sentences from an inspiring book. I love anything by Wayne Dyer, Louise Hay or Paulo Coelho.  

  • If anything comes up that I feel negatively about, I acknowledge it and check it out. Anxieties are going to come up and thank the LAWD they do! We need to address them, look at them, face them, eventually these things will lose their power over us. Get a journal and write our what’s bothering you. You can talk hella shit to your journal. Just get (write) that shit out. You may start to see patterns or realize you are part of an issue that keeps showing up in your life. By getting it out and taking an honest look - you will start to find solutions. It’s a sure thing. This is called spiritual house keeping, this is how you will keep your glow. This is that inner sexiness. TRUST.

  • Then I read my personal affirmations on what I desire for myself. I have these written out and use the same ones until I feel it’s time to move on from them. Then I create new ones. This is the most impactful part of my morning ritual. Our brains go on auto-pilot so much of the time and we are triggered by the same BS which can create these annoying cycles you will find yourself in. If you want a change in your life, in my personal experience, you’ve got to retrain your brain on how to react. You have to change your core beliefs and that takes practice. By reading what you want to change almost daily, your brain will start to agree and get on board.  

  • If I feel like it at the end I do some stretching, this makes my body super relaxed and happy. 

Now I shall start my day. Bring it on world, I am centered and ready for you. And I will be running this Goddamn show, not you. So welcome to MY WORLD. 

So will you try making your own morning ritual? Do not let the world start your day for you, start it on your terms, from your soul, and for your soul. Even if you start out with a ten minute morning ritual and take a few things from this post that work for you, you must try it, it’s simply divine and you will gradually get you in touch with YOU. And that's bomb. That's superb. Like you.  


Let's live in infinite possibility.

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