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Our Love is Radical.

Updated: Jun 5

Dearly Beloveds... I have been taking space in the dream world since this last earth shift took place. I miss you so much but I needed to journey away from society & social media as I tried to find my balance... my life... my Self. Mostly I've been lost in listening to my soul, her aches, this nature, my sun, Earth's moon, these stars and divine clouds.

Fox Girl Magic

I will keep this love letter petite as to not keep you from your sacred time. I created this jacket feeling the pains and magnificent life force of the Black Lives Matter movement. I took an old Levi’s jacket that already had my name embroidered on it and painted it with a special type of acrylic paint that can be used on clothing and shoes. Maya Angelou's powerful words from her Still I Rise poem were shaped into “And Still We Rise” and painted on the sleeves, dusted with nighttime stars.

During this time I felt intensely drawn to tigers. Still quiet powerful kings & queens to be approached with the utmost respect. But they are also prey to this world so we must protect their vulnerability. They cannot always be strong and our burdens often exhaust them and rob them of their joy.

Above her fierceness are the words our love is radical. I FELT these words as they lit me on fire from the inside when spoken by 'Abolitionist, Storyteller, African Mohawk 2SPIRIT Trans Woman' — Ravyn Wngz.

As written in the Guardian article 'Our love is radical': why trans activists lead the way in protest movements — "Ravyn Wngz, a Toronto Black Lives Matter activist, spoke of the brilliance and impact of trans liberation leaders in a viral speech this summer after local BLM protesters were arrested for “defacing” racist statues." - Sam T Levin

"You’re lucky that this is all we did. You’re lucky that we’re appealing to your humanity. You’re lucky that we’re not asking for vengeance or revenge. Because that’s easy. But our love is radical. It’s abolitionist. It’s a future where each and everybody has what they need, what they deserve, what they want,” she said. “We’ve been doing it every single way possible to let you know what we deserve, what we need. And you don’t even have to dream it up. We’ve done the work for you."

These words have been glued to my broken hopeful heart. I wear this sacred jacket in honor and love of all precious Black and Brown lives that inspire us, have been lost, have been reborn and that reflect the most ebullient divine creativity, intellect, softness, strength and expression.

I am still melting into this deep hole of Self evolution. This pandemic has pushed / forced me to act with intention and before I could do that, I needed to ask what motivates me and why. Is this for my heart or is this for my ego? At first I didn’t recognize myself because who am I without the chaos? Who am I without rushing around checking off my shallow to-do list until dizzy? But eventually I met her (my higher-Self) and she told me that like my Ancestors — I had an innate and burning power like the sun. I began to fall in love with her and now I know I can never leave her. And here I am. I AM THE 'I AM'. Like you.

I dream we can all meet true ourselves. And without distracting technology, dominant cultural pressures, social media, 'likes' and hustle culture it will become eerily quiet... and I know then that we will hear our authentic selves. After this pandemic experience (and all that it encompassed) not expressing my true authentic Self is no longer an option for me. I am embracing all of who I am. I hope you will too.

Fox Girl Magic Hand Painted Denim Jacket

Now that the world is slowly opening back up I wonder what our next chapters will evolve us into. I am grateful to still be here on this planet but humans can be destructive. I do hope we can repair the damage we've done and love each other again. And perhaps I will see you in the dream world? Please do stay safe and blessed ma chérie. You are light of the eternal sun. You always have been.

My love,

Fox *you know where to find me

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