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This is your intervention. I am sending you to creative rehab.

Updated: Jan 31, 2018

Another book I live for is The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron. Because of this book, I am an artist. I was already an artist but I had no idea. In another land, far far away, I had moved to LA to be an actress. A few years later I read this book, committed to all of its exercises and tasks, and I swear to you by the end of of the process I had created three paintings that were beyond what I knew I had in me, skill-wise. Like when does that ever happen? That’s why I usually skip silly book exercises. These three paintings ended up fueling me with fire. The angry kind. I was pissed. But that’s a story for another time. I truly didn’t know I could paint. I took art classes in high school but nothing extensive or in depth. My friends were shocked when they saw my work as well. I was shocked. I’m still in shock.

If you have any desire to be creative but you are scared, blocked, stuck, feel you are not worthy of creativity, it’s time for you to go to rehab. Writers, directors, editor’s, musicians, photographers, actors, dancers, and so on - this is for your creative soul. I URGE YOU - READ THIS BOOK.

Here is one of the MANY uplifting excerpts from Julia’s book …(feel free to replace “God” with any term better suited for you i.e. Universe, a higher power,


“God has lots of money. God has lots of movie ideas, novel ideas, poems, songs, paintings, acting jobs. God has a supply of loves, friends, houses that are all available to us. By listening to the creator within, we are led to our right path. On that path, we find friends, lovers, money, and meaningful work. Very often, when we cannot seem to find an adequate supply, it is because we are insisting on a particular human source of supply. We must learn to let the flow manifest itself where it will - not where we will it.”

One thing I know FOR SURE, we are here to create. All of us. Time to get unblocked! :)

I'm yours,   


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